Betsome - How To Bet Sports Futures

Guide To Betting Sports Futures

Betsome - How To Bet Sports FuturesNo matter your sport, future betting is a great way to have a nice payout, and a long sweat on your pick to win it all.

A couple things stick out to me that are important to consider before making your bet. A solid combination of the following should provide a profitable future strategy.

Line Shopping

Review multiple sportsbooks or sites to make sure you get the best possible value for your bet.  

Sportsbooks are different across the board in the way they set their game lines as well as futures. Depending on where you live there will often be restrictions on what sites you can bet on. Make a list of the ones available in your area and then choose the favorable odds for your bet.


Odds are continuously fluctuating throughout the year due to injuries, trades/signings, losing/win streaks, and public perception. Be smart and realize the champion usually possesses star players, a great coach, a top defense and experience. Odds reflect current trends so take advantage and go with your gut if you think a team will be rolling come the playoffs.


Professional athletes are men. If you do not have the respect of them as the coach, they will not buy into your vision and the team success will be minimal.

The coaches that get their players to buy in are the coaches that make deep playoff runs.  The talent is usually secondary.

Past results are a nice indicator for a future bet as many great coaches win multiple years. The Coach of the team you bet on should also dominate key decisions in the playoffs, where the game is slowed down and the unprepared are exposed.

I took the over of Atlanta Hawks wins at 41.5 this year (which they had by all-star break) and threw $25 on them at 100-1 to win it all, simply because they had gotten Mike Budenholzer the Spurs assistant coach that had studied under Greg Popovich for 15 years. Though I don’t think the Hawks will win it all they are the #1 seed and I was able to find terrific value that I can hedge my bet against.


If the team has been close in prior playoffs, has the same core of the team, and is on a hot streak at the end of the year, that makes for an attractive play. Conversely, if they are off to a slow start but are a perennial contender with star power, trust they will work out the issues come playoff time (think Cavs this year).

The Thunder at 25-1 were the sneak pick of myself and two buddies this year. Placed while Durant and Westbrook were both out and the team had stumbled to a 3-12 start, it looked great until Durant was ruled out for the year with his foot problem. These odds were for a hungry team that nearly beat the Champion Spurs in last years West Finals without Ibaka.


I wouldn’t suggest making your bet until you have studied the best content for a couple months. Articles, expert predictions, power rankings and the eye test of actually watching the games should all be absorbed before taking the plunge.

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