Betting NBA All Star Game MVP


In this article I discuss the players’ odds of winning NBA All Star MVP, the bets that I like, and factors you may want to consider before you place your bet.


D.Wade – 60/1 – 12th
K Lowry – 22/1 – 2nd
P. George – 12/1 – 3rd
C. Anthony – 20/1 – 9th
L. James – 11/2 – 12th

C. Bosh – 90/1 – 11th
J. Butler – 25/1 – 2nd
A. Drummond – 60/1 – 1st
P. Millsap – 90/1 – 3rd
I. Thomas – 60/1 – 1st
J. Wall – 30/1 – 3rd
D. Derozan – 60/1 – 2nd


S. Curry – 7/2 – 3rd
R. Westbrook – 11/2 – 5th
K. Leonard – 22/1 – 1st
K. Bryant – 10/1 – 18th
K. Durant – 5/1 – 5th

J. Harden – 10/1 – 4th
L. Aldridge – 75/1 – 5th
D. Cousins – 22/1 – 2nd
A. Davis – 22/1 – 3rd
D. Green – 30/1 – 1st
C. Paul – 60/1 – 9th
K. Thompson – 12/1 – 2nd

Super-Stars Lacking Career Awards

Paul George, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony.


Minutes matter and the winner is rarely off the bench. Dywane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Kawhi Leonard are the only starters that I don’t think have a shot at the award. Although Kobe may want to go for his 5th ASG MVP his odds at 10/1 don’t offer enough value to entice a bet from me.

All Star Game Veterans

This is often a seniority award. Players want it for their mantle and paying your dues in appearances is important.
This is Carmelo’s 9th, Bosh’s 11th, Harden’s 4th, George’s 3rd, Davis’s 3rd.

Selfish Players

The top point scorer on the winning team will win the majority of the time.
Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, James Harden.

Freak Stat Line & Triple Double Potentials

Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Andre Drummond, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis.

Game Storylines

Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry are both playing in front of their home crowd.
Kobe is in his final All Star game.
Bosh returning to Toronto.

Best Value plays

D. Cousins 22-1 – Destroying the league right now could have 30/15 very easily.
A. Drummond 60-1 – Should have plethora of dunks and rebounds and no big men to contend with for minutes.
C. Bosh 90-1 – It’s his 11th appearance and he doesn’t have any personal awards.

Worst bets

K. Thompson 12/1 – Kyle Korver hit 7 threes in 15 minutes last year, shooters really stand no chance unless they are statistically balanced.
D. Green 30/1 – Sure everyone eyes this as potential given his all around game, but in his first appearance the minutes will not be there.
D. Wade 60/1 – these are odds for a starter?! Wade stopped trying after his championship hell be wrapped in towels taking selfies by the 2nd quarter.

How I would wager $100

$50 Kevin Durant to win $250
$20 Carmelo Anthony to win $400
$20 Demarcus Cousins to win $440
$10 Andre Drummond to win $600

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