DFS Lineups & Picks – NFL Week 1


NFL Week 1 Lineups

Lineup 1:

In my first lineup, I have the Tony Romo/Dez Bryant connection, in what should be a shootout against the Giants at home.  These too more than anyone have a high floor-high ceiling potential this week, where they will easily get 10+ points yet can also blow up for 40.

I also have home running backs on high scoring teams, and  a tight end that can is consistent as they come and can still blow up.  My gamble in this lineup in Melvin Gordon, as I usually don’t like picking players that could get you less than 10 points, but I’ll take my chances on this one for $5,500.

Lineup 2:

As for my second lineup, I chose to spend the most on RBs and a few WRs, and gamble on QB.  Cousins was super cheap, and has shown flashes of brilliance in his career.

I picked DeSean Jackson for my QB/WR-same team combo that I like to do, as well as 2 home running backs that will get 10-15 points with little problem, and may get many more.