Draymond Green Suspended For Hurting LeBron’s Feelings


So apparently you can drop kick foreigners in the nuts but god forbid you have a spat with Lebron James.  Although I don’t like Draymond, and him not being suspended in the OKC series screwed my future bet (OKC to win championship at 14-1), I still think it’s pretty weak of the NBA to suspend him now over this.  

Perhaps they want the series to go at least 6 games for a little extra dough.


NBA Title Bets – Value Plays


There are a few spots worth noting in the recent release of odds to win the NBA title. Although likely that one of the big three teams (Golden St, Cleveland or San Antonio) wins it all, there is no current value in betting them as they are all under 3/1. Teams that are battle tested with veteran leadership and good coaching are decent teams to target despite long odds. Here’s a few I really like at the moment.

LA Clippers +2200 –
They can win on the road (18-10) which is one of the biggest factors for winning playoff series. The Clippers have kept pace with the top of the Western Conference often without Blake Griffin. Chris Paul is the best leader at the point guard position and has his best supporting cast yet with Redick, Pierce and Crawford. Unloading Lance Stephenson for Jeff Green at the trade deadline should give them an upgrade in both rebounding and offensive consistency. Assuming Griffin works through his issues and assumes the attitude of Paul, this veteran team could get through to the Finals.

Chicago Bulls +5500 –
They are never healthy, old and have no depth. But when they are healthy they can win any playoff series with heart alone. A front-court of Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah is very athletic and unselfish. They are team players that are aggressive on both sides of the ball. The Bulls will grind teams down defensively and force them into mistakes, but it is hard to envision them keeping pace with sharpshooting teams that utilize the 3 point shot well. If Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler dominate they have a chance.

Miami Heat +6000 –
Miami probably has the best Coach in the East, decent depth, and above average players at every starting position. The difference in my mind of whether or not this would be worth a bet is the status of the blood clot in Chris Bosh’s leg. It seems as though he has health issues that can be life threatening and could retire soon. If that is not the case and he can continue at his all star level, combined with a resurgent Dwyane Wade, the Heat are great value at 60/1.


Betting NBA All Star Game MVP


In this article I discuss the players’ odds of winning NBA All Star MVP, the bets that I like, and factors you may want to consider before you place your bet.


D.Wade – 60/1 – 12th
K Lowry – 22/1 – 2nd
P. George – 12/1 – 3rd
C. Anthony – 20/1 – 9th
L. James – 11/2 – 12th

C. Bosh – 90/1 – 11th
J. Butler – 25/1 – 2nd
A. Drummond – 60/1 – 1st
P. Millsap – 90/1 – 3rd
I. Thomas – 60/1 – 1st
J. Wall – 30/1 – 3rd
D. Derozan – 60/1 – 2nd


S. Curry – 7/2 – 3rd
R. Westbrook – 11/2 – 5th
K. Leonard – 22/1 – 1st
K. Bryant – 10/1 – 18th
K. Durant – 5/1 – 5th

J. Harden – 10/1 – 4th
L. Aldridge – 75/1 – 5th
D. Cousins – 22/1 – 2nd
A. Davis – 22/1 – 3rd
D. Green – 30/1 – 1st
C. Paul – 60/1 – 9th
K. Thompson – 12/1 – 2nd

Super-Stars Lacking Career Awards

Paul George, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony.


Minutes matter and the winner is rarely off the bench. Dywane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Kawhi Leonard are the only starters that I don’t think have a shot at the award. Although Kobe may want to go for his 5th ASG MVP his odds at 10/1 don’t offer enough value to entice a bet from me.

All Star Game Veterans

This is often a seniority award. Players want it for their mantle and paying your dues in appearances is important.
This is Carmelo’s 9th, Bosh’s 11th, Harden’s 4th, George’s 3rd, Davis’s 3rd.

Selfish Players

The top point scorer on the winning team will win the majority of the time.
Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, James Harden.

Freak Stat Line & Triple Double Potentials

Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Andre Drummond, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis.

Game Storylines

Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry are both playing in front of their home crowd.
Kobe is in his final All Star game.
Bosh returning to Toronto.

Best Value plays

D. Cousins 22-1 – Destroying the league right now could have 30/15 very easily.
A. Drummond 60-1 – Should have plethora of dunks and rebounds and no big men to contend with for minutes.
C. Bosh 90-1 – It’s his 11th appearance and he doesn’t have any personal awards.

Worst bets

K. Thompson 12/1 – Kyle Korver hit 7 threes in 15 minutes last year, shooters really stand no chance unless they are statistically balanced.
D. Green 30/1 – Sure everyone eyes this as potential given his all around game, but in his first appearance the minutes will not be there.
D. Wade 60/1 – these are odds for a starter?! Wade stopped trying after his championship hell be wrapped in towels taking selfies by the 2nd quarter.

How I would wager $100

$50 Kevin Durant to win $250
$20 Carmelo Anthony to win $400
$20 Demarcus Cousins to win $440
$10 Andre Drummond to win $600

Paul George

NBA Picks 2/1/16. 5-1 NBA Streak.

Paul George
Currently on a small 5-1 streak, here are my NBA picks for 2/1/16. Good luck!

Cavs @ Pacers

Pacers +5
1 seed playing the 7 seed, and a considerable difference in talent. This line should be 7+. I think the opening line of 4 indicates Pacers have the edge, and the public is all over the away favorite in this spot, as per usual. Both of these teams are great at home and weak away. I like the Pacers to win this game outright.


NBA Daily Fantasy 1/27 – DFS Lineups


Here are a few of my core DraftKings players for tonight’s NBA daily fantasy contests, Tuesday 1/27/16.

Point Guards

I. Thomas – $7,800
Nice point total in this game at 210, Thomas playing at home vs Nuggets who are a weak defense and 24th vs the PG. Pretty consistent 40 point scorer and has high ceiling potential.

M. Dellavedova – $4,000
He will get at least his usual 25 minutes and 23 fantasy points, but if Cavs find themselves in a blowout (they are 15.5 point favorites), expect him to get 30-35 minutes.

Shooting Guards

A. Goodwin – $4,500
He was a ridiculously popular value play last night, and he came through big time with 45 fantasy points. He will be a great play again tonight due to Phoenix’s injuries and will play the 4th even if down huge. Expect him to be high owned.

D. Waiters – $3,900
It’s hard to pass up this guy not that he’s been playing 30-35 minutes and shoots 10+ shots on the high scoring Thunder. If he can get hot then he will be a very low owned steal.

Small Forwards

K. Leonard – $8,200
Great matchup for Leonard tonight who is home vs Rockets in a high point total game. I expect him to have no problems bouncing back from the GS loss vs this travesty of a defense who is also 30th vs the SF position.

Power Forwards

P. Millsap – $8,300
This is my attempt to differentiate tonight, and get a low-owned superstar who goes off. He has a tough OPRK vs the Clippers, but that probably at least slightly influenced by Griffin who is still out. Pretty high total tonight at 208, Millsap can be very matchup proof, and Clippers super weak on the boards.


T. Chandler – $5,000
His price is getting high quick, but still good value here for his floor and potential. Needs to get you 30+ pay for himself, and got 40 and 60 in 2 of the last 3 games.

S. Hawes – $4,600
Great value here as he’s averaging 32 minutes and 32 fantasy points in his last 3 games, easily paying for his cheap price tag. However he does have a pretty tough matchup at Utah who is 1st vs the center.

A. Baynes – $3,200
Good value for this gamble as his minutes look like they are on the rise, playing 25-30 in the last couple. Great matchup as well vs 76ers.


NBA Daily Fantasy 1/26 – DFS Lineups

Here are a few of my core DraftKings players for tonight’s NBA daily fantasy contests, Tuesday 1/26/16.

Point Guards

D. Lillard – $9,300
Lillard at home in the highest point total of the night, and Sacremento is very weak against the PG position.

A. Goodwin – $4,500
With Brandon Kinght joining Eric Bledsoe on the bench, Goodwin is getting massive minutes and producing. Great matchup for him tonight vs Sixers as well.

Shooting Guards

J. Young – $3,700
The jury is still on on him, but I think he is worth gambling on for this price as he’s had solid games 3 of the last 4, aside from one bad game where he went 1-8 from the field. Decently high point total in this one at 208.5 as well.

Small Forwards

P. George – $8,900
Great matchup tonight in a high point total game. LAC weak vs the SF and poor rebounding team. I see George having a big one.

Power Forwards

D. Cousins – $11,000
I honestly would fade him at this price knowing that he’ll be a popular play, but he’s not only playing on a ridiculous level but has a stellar matchup as well.

R. Holmes – $3,000
A definite gamble but has produced when in. Minutes seem to be on the rise and he’s had a couple of 30 point games. When Phili gets blown out he gets even bigger minutes.


T. Chandler – $4,800
Coming off of a 60 fantasy point game, he finds himself with a great matchup vs the Sixers, and his minutes are well on the rise.

E. Kanter – $4,800
Already a decent play at this price, especially with the amount of shots he takes. With Steven Adams still hobbled and possibly sitting, his value is definitely higher.

New Orleans Hornets v Washington Wizards

NBA Daily Fantasy 1/25 – DFS Lineups

New Orleans Hornets v Washington Wizards

Here are a few of my core DraftKings players for tonight’s NBA daily fantasy contests, Tuesday 1/25/16.

Point Guards

J. Wall – $9,200
I love Wall tonight as his tough OPRK will make him less owned than he should be, even though he is playing at home in a very high point total game, is matchup proof, and is one of the few players in the league capable of going off for 80.

E. Payton – $6,300
His inconsistency this season keeps his price reasonable, and he has averaged over 35 minutes and 35 fppg the last 3 games so I will continue to ride the hot hand at a discount.

Shooting Guards

T. Evans – $7,500
I’ll be targeting a few players from this high point total game tonight in New Orleans. Evans should be fully recovered by now from his knee injury after a few games back, and has a huge ceiling. I like to lean toward the big name SG’s when they’re at home, especially in high scoring games like this one.

Small Forwards

K. Leonard – $8,000
Leonard’s price has dropped in the last 9 games by $700, mostly due to the Spurs beating the crap out of teams and Leonard sitting late. However at Golden State, expect Leonard to play 35-40 and the point total is one of the top 3 tonight. Great price and matchup for him tonight.

T. Ariza – $5,200
With Dwight Howard out, the Houston big men will all get a little more time and production. So far it appears Ariza is taking the most advantage by having 2 big games in a row, and his price is still the same. Add to it the matchup and high point total and you got yourself a stew.

Power Forwards

J. Smith – $4,000
Has played good minutes and had solid productions in his couple games so far with the Rockets, and with Howard out and the matchup he’s an especially good bargain.


J. Sullinger – $5,500
Aside from a really poor game 2 games ago, Sullinger produces when in. Safe bet for 20-30 and if Boston goes big at Washington tonight then he could see 30+ minutes and score another 40-50. High point total here as well.

S. Hawes – $4,100
Really making the most of his new starting role and getting 30+ minutes. If he can play like he has the last couple then he’s a steal at $4,100.


NBA Daily Fantasy 1/23 – DFS Lineups


Here are a few of my core DraftKings players for tonight’s NBA daily fantasy contests, Tuesday 1/23/16.

Point Guards

D. Lillard – $9,200
Kobe’s farewell tour stops at Portland, and I think Lillard gets up for it. Obviously a superb matchup for Lillard who will always get you 30+ and can go off for 70. The line is 10 as well, so it might stay close enough to keep him in the majority of the 4th.

D. Schroder – $4,900
Schroder has one of the best matchups of the night vs the Suns who are the 29th ranked defense and 30th vs the PG. Although his minutes and scoring is inconsistent, he’ll usually get you 25+ and has gone for 40+ more than a couple times.

Shooting Guards

K. Middleton – $7,300
A great price for a guy that gets 30-50 fppg every night, and playing vs the high paced, poor defense of the Pelicans.

J. Young – $3,600
3 games of about 30 minutes in a row, and a ton of production. Seems to be aggressive when he’s in and unafraid to shoot. George Hill was out and Monte Ellis got in foul trouble early last game which inflated Young’s minutes, but a great price nonetheless for the budding rookie.

Small Forwards

G. Antetokounmpo – $7,400
Below average night last night, I look for him to bounce back huge vs the Pelicans in that high point total game.

Power Forwards

K. Porzingis – $7,300
Charlotte somewhat weak vs the PF, and Porzingis is an extremely consistent 30-45 fantasy point scorer. Averages a more than a fp/min.

E. Ilyasova – $5,600
A decently high point total in this one at 206 and Denver allows points. I think he’s a great price as he will get you your 30 and can shoot threes, and sometimes doesn’t mind taking a lot of them.


M. Turner – $4,100
Great value play as he plays at Sacramento in what should be a high scoring game. Kings defense is weak, and Turner has been turning it on getting big minutes and big production the last 3 games.


NBA Picks 1/22/16 – Friday Bets


Barely won last night with a 1 point cover and a fun sweat. Here are my NBA picks for 1/22/16.

Bulls @ Celtics

Celtics -3.5
Bulls without Noah and weak on the road, but it still feels like they should be favored. Public 80% on Bulls, but Boston wins this one convincingly and Isiah Thomas goes off.