NFL DFS Week 11 – Daily Fantasy Lineups



T. Romo – $6,000
Back from his injury and wll have Dez. $6,000 is a steal for a fantasy QB of this caliber, and playing against 26th ranked defense in Miami. Stack him with Dez, and reverse stack with Landry. This game could be high scoring.
B. Osweiler – $5,000
This is a great gamble. The spread for this game is only 1 point in Chicago, which signifies to me Denver winning this game. Osweiler will have multiple weapons to throw to, and will likely be low drafted. I would stack him with Thomas and reverse stack with Alshon.

M. Stafford – $5,400
Super cheap price for this guy, which means you can stack him with Megatron and still have a good chunk of cap space left. Oakland is 30th in passing defense, and this line signifies a Detroit win. I’ll be reverse stacking these two with Cooper.

Running Backs

D. Freeman – $8,400
If there is a week to pay for Freeman, it’s this one. He has been getting a ton of reception points lately, and Colts are 28th ranked defense. He should have a monster this week.
L. Miller – $6,200
He’s been one of the most consistent RB’s of the year, and has put up some monsters lately. Gets 5+ receptions a game and playing against 15th ranked rush defense this week. Perfect high floor/high ceiling player right now at a great price.

D. Murray – $6,000
We could see a lot of points in this game, and it’s also likely that we see Eagles get a big lead and run DeMarco into the ground. He hasn’t had that many huge games this season, but is getting a lot of receptions at the moment. Great price for 15 point floor and huge ceiling.

Wide Receivers

M. Evans – $7,300
This is a little expensive in my opinion, but he has had 8 for 140+ 2 weeks in a row, and has had a great overall season. Factor in that this game could be a shootout, or TB might fall behind and get a lot of receiving garbage points, and I think he’s the best out of the tier 1 WRs this week.
A. Cooper – $6,800
This game should be high flying, as Oakland’s defense is terrible but they have a great passing game. Cooper should be the main beneficiary this game of fantasy points. This will be a shootout. Against 25th ranked defense.
S. Watkins – $4,800
This guy has as high of a ceiling as any WR out there, and has proven it a couple times this season. He may get a chance to prove it this week at the Patriots, who are 22nd in passing defense. If Pats get up big, Watkins could see some huge points in an attempt from Buffalo to catch up.
M. Jones – $4,300
Patrick Peterson will be defending AJ Green all game, so Dalton will have to throw Jones the ball more, who has played well the last 4 weeks. Great price for a good gamble here.

Tight Ends

T. Eifert – $5,900
Slow game for him last week, so public may be turned off of him. Also AJ Green should be bottled up by Patrick Peterson leaving more opportunity for Eifert and Marvin Jones.

E. Ebron – $3,500
Playing vs Raiders who are 31st in passing defense, and 30th against the tight end. Because of the matchup, this is a must buy at $3,500. Especially when a QB like Stafford will be throwing it to him.

Team Defense

Seattle – $4,000
Carolina – $3,400
Chicago – $2,000


Week 10 NFL Picks


BetSome Pick of the Week on a 4-0 streak!

Saints @ Redskins

Redskins +1

The Saints are looking good, and have their high flying explosive offense back on track, and they play the struggling Redskins in Washington. Why is this line basically a pick’em? The Saints are the better team, and should easily be favored by at least 3 points, if not 4-6. This line is +1 because the oddsmakers think the Skins have the edge this week in Washington, plain and simple.

Brees and the Saints are notorious for being a bad away team, yet the public continues to forget this week in and week out, year after year. They also are a dome team who struggles playing at times in the outdoors. Cousins and the Redskins are playing with extreme confidence at the moment and believe they are a great team. This week they prove their point and win this game by 10.

Public is 76% on Saints.


Panthers @ Titans

Titans +4.5

This is a scary one to bet, but I believe that it’s a must. Public highly on Carolina (74%), and Titans proving they can beat good teams as of late. This line should’ve been 7 if Panthers were truly the team/powerhouse we think they are. The low line indicates a close game in a tough stadium vs an underrated team. The likeliest scenario in this game is Carolina winning a close one by 3, but I believe the Titans show up in a big way and deal Carolina their first loss. I believe the line alone indicates this.


NFL: SEP 14 Eagles at Falcons

NFL DFS Week 10 – Daily Fantasy Lineups

NFL: SEP 14 Eagles at Falcons


E. Manning – $6,700
At the Patriots, this is the highest point total of the week at 54. Eli is a must play in at least some lineups this week, and I’d stack him with Odell, and reverse stack with LaFell and hope for a barn-burner.

B. Bortles – $5,600
This is a 48 point total, and Bortles has proven that he has no problem getting into shootouts. Super cheap chance at a huge game. I’d stack him with Allen Robinson and feel great about it.

M. Stafford – $5,400
I think Green Bay wins this game convincingly, but that doesn’t mean Stafford can’t do what he does best and rack up garbage points late in the game. I’ll be stacking with Megatron here.

Running Backs

D. Murray – $6,200
This is my favorite play this week, as Miami defense looks like a joke. Murray is home and is running well as of late, and $6,200 is a steal. I see a monster game this week for DeMarco.

D. Williams – $6,500
He’s questionable but all signs point to him playing. Home vs Cleveland and without Big Ben, expect DeAngelo to run for another 150 yards and a couple TDs.

D. Martin – $5,600
Home vs Cowboys, this game should get points. I love Martin at home for this price, and expect him to have a solid fantasy game at the very least.

Wide Receivers

O. Beckham – $8,800
You pay for what you get, and in Odell’s case this seems to be weekly. Eli doesn’t throw the ball to anyone else, and Odell can get open on anybody. Add to this a 54 point total in a possible shootout vs Brady, and you have a can’t miss.
A. Robinson – $6,700
My favorite receiver play of the week, as Hurns is hobbled at the moment. Bortles and Robinson will continue to chew up defenses through the air in this 48 point total in Baltimore.
S. Diggs – $5,100
Oakland is last in the league in passing defense. Bridgewater and Diggs get it done without a doubt this week, and $5,100 is a steal for this situation.
B. LaFell – $4,100
54 point total, but Brady throws to all different players. I still like Lafell for a 12 point floor and a huge ceiling, at an extremely reasonable price.

Tight Ends

D. Walker – $4,700
Tennessee wins this game vs undefeated Carolina. If this is so, how do they do that with no receivers? Walker has a big one here and is worth the mid range price tag.

J. Reed – $4,600
Same situation as Walker, Redskins have a chance to beat the high flying Saints at home. Cousins will have no choice but to lean on Reed heavily all game.

Team Defense

Denver – $3,400
Pittsburgh – $3,000
Oakland – $2,100

colts + 5

Week 9 NFL Picks

colts + 5

Broncos @ Colts

Colts +5

Indy is 3-3 in their last 6 games, and those 3 losses were by 7 points or less. They have a habit of getting down big, and then coming back in the 4th quarter, much like they did last week where they lost in overtime at undefeated Carolina. They are playing with more confidence in these last few weeks, and their value in the public eye is very undervalued.

The Broncos on the other hand looked like the best team in the league, especially defensively, after manhandling Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. This has inflated their value slightly, and this is shown by the public being 81% on Denver this week. Indianapolis beat the Broncos last year, and seem to matchup well vs them. Manning will prove yet again that he is a master at winning games by 4 or less, and Indy might even come up with a late game upset.


Giants @ Bucs

Bucs +2.5

If you follow my picks, you know that this is a bet for me all day, and it has little to do with the teams themselves. This line is too low, and should be -4 at least, and the public is all over NYG. I am tempted to stay away from this game because the Giants are coming off of a loss and the Bucs off of a big win, and I usually like to try and bet the teams coming off of big loss and against the team coming off of a big win. But the Bucs are a good team and should win this game outright and their stars Winston, Evans, and Martin will have big games this week.



NFL DFS Week 9 – Daily Fantasy Lineups



T. Brady – $8,500
14 point favorites, Brady should have no problems throwing for another 300+ yards and 3+ TDs. I think Brady is on a mission this year, and wants to win MVP and possibly break records. He will not be toning it down, and will take advantage of this matchup at home in a big way. I’d stack with Gronk, or LaFell if you’re feeling gutsy or need a cheap WR.

E. Manning – $6,900
Away at TB who hasn’t been stopping anyone, and Eli is obviously feeling confident after a career game last week. This is one of the highest totals of the week, and I think Eli and Winston are great picks this week and should have huge games. No one else to stack him with except Beckham in my opinion. You pay for what you get in this situation.

A. Dalton – $6,200
Dalton is playing great this year, and I think him and Green have another big game here. At home vs. the Browns, look for Dalton to keep his team undefeated with a monster game.

J. Winston – $5,200
Okay so the NYG let up 7 TDs from Brees last week, and that’s not going to happen again. But at $5,200 it’d be crazy to not insert a well playing Winston into a few lineups just in case that NYG pass defense is really that bad. Stack with Mike Evans who I believe will have a big bounce back game.

Running Backs

M. Ingram – $6,500
Saints home against the lowly Titans, I believe the Saints roll. I think Brees will play well, but this week is Ingram’s in a big way.

C. Ivory – $5,900
Jets are home vs Jags, Fitzpatrick and Marshall are likely to be out. The Jets will ride Ivory into the ground to come up with a win, and Ivory shows up for 150+.

D. Martin – $5,700
I think the Bucs win this game home vs the Giants, and Doug Martin should have an opportunity here. At this price and likely to be low drafted, he’s a great pick this week.

L. McCoy – $5,500
A healthy McCoy coming off a bye at home vs a very inconsistent Miami defense. He should get the load here and deliver, and will likely not be this cheap for long so take advantage now. I still believe this guy is one of the most talented RBs in the league.

D. Williams – $5,500
Home vs. the Raiders, a fair price on the starting RB for a high powered Pitt offense with Big Ben back.

D. McFadden – $4,300
McFadden with two nice games in a row. Dallas’ offensive line still one of the best in the game, and this just a great price for that combo.

Wide Receivers

A. Brown – $8,100
Goes off in a big way this game. Without Bell, he should see 15+ targets. Worth the price this week.

M. Evans – $6,800
I love Evans this week. He laid an egg last week, but I think he bounces back at home vs a high powered NYG in a HUGE way. Great matchup for him, and TB may end up having to throw the ball a lot.

D. Jackson – $5,700
Questionable at the moment, but a good gamble if he plays. Cousins is playing well and coming off a bye. They should get ample garbage points in the second half. Only question is if Jackson is in game shape or not, but if he is he won’t be this cheap again.

Tight Ends

R. Gronkowski – $8,000
Gronk is always worth the price tag, particularly in a position that tends to sink lineups. He should roll this week home vs the Skins.

J. Reed – $4,500
On the other side of the ball we have Jordan Reed. With the Washington receiving woes, Reed has great value. Factor in the garbage points in the middle of the field the Skins will get in the 2nd half, Reed could have himself a fantasy game.

Charles Clay – $4,200
Great price for a great play maker. Exploded last time they played Miami earlier this season for a huge game. Perhaps Miami just can’t defend him, we’ll see.

B. Watson – $4,000
This guy can’t be stopped right now, and he’s still this cheap. He likely will be drafted somewhat high of a % and he deserves to be. Brees has always made his TE’s look like superstars, and we’re seeing it yet again.

Team Defense

Bengals – $3,200
Home vs. Browns, it could get very ugly for Manziel in Cinci.

Bills – $2,900
The Bills killed Miami earlier this season, and Rex knows how to get to Tannehill better than anyone besides Bellichek. Good spot for a good defense at home vs a QB struggling against the blitz.

Saints – $2,200
They may have let up 50 points last game, but this is a good shot against a young QB on a bad team in a hostile environment. Rob Ryan is more than capable of taking advantage of these things for a huge defensive game.

Falcons @ 49ers

Jets @ Raiders

Raiders +3

This line has gone up to 3 points and I liked it at 2, as I think Raiders win this one outright. Public is 81% on NYJ, as they look like a much better team. But this line is too low, the public all over NYJ and traveling cross country. I like Oakland to win by 7.


Seahawks @ Cowboys

Cowboys +6

This line should be 7 or more, but it’s 6. I like the Cowboys for this reason, but I also think the return of Dez as well as Dallas O line being one of the best in the league helps them keep this one close and possibly come out with an upset.


Packers @ Broncos

Broncos +3

Honestly this might be one to stay away from, but it’s SNF, battle of the undefeateds, Peyton vs Rodgers, and you’re not going to bet it? I think Peyton shows up, as does the home Broncos defense and keeps this one close. This line should’ve been GB -4 or more in my opinion, and the public is on GB.


Vikings @ Bears

Bears +1.5

Line should be Vikes -3, public on the away fav, and Cutler is playing well and making games interesting. I think Forte goes off in this one (great DFS pick). Bears by 7.


*** BESTPIX *** New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

Daily Fantasy Picks – NFL Week 8

*** BESTPIX *** New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins


T. Brady – $8,300
Boasting the highest total of the week at 51, this game should have points. The Pats haven’t been running the ball as of late, so expect Brady to continue with another rock solid fantasy performance. I would stack him with Gronk and gamble on a few cheaper home backs.

P. Manning – $6,400
Very cheap, even for a struggling Peyton Manning. I think Peyton uses this past bye week to it’s fullest advantage in a game that could be a shootout. He is one of the cheaper QB options out there right now and people are not high on him. Might be a good spot to play him.

R. Tannehill – $5,600
Possible shootout in New England where game has a 51 point total. Tannehill has been a consistent 25 point fantasy scorer and is still only $5,600. Playing with extreme confidence, and Miami has beat Pats 2 out of the last 3.

Running Backs

D. Freeman – $8,000
I don’t mind paying for any of the top home backs this week, including Freeman, Bell, or Forte. But I think Freeman is the best play of these, and I look for him to have a monster game at home vs a Bucs defense incapable of stopping anybody.

T. Gurley – $6,300
Gurley is having a great season, and I don’t think he stops this week at home against San Fran. He may be a popular/high % pick right now, but he’s also only $6,300 for a guy that is putting up consistently huge weeks.

D. Woodhead – $4,500
I mean, this guy is just 15-25 every game, and every now and then 30+. With a cheap price tag and huge reception potential, Woodhead remains one of the best value picks out there.

D. McFadden – $3,800
McFadden broke out last game away at the Giants, and now he plays a tough defense against Seattle in Dallas. Cowboys’ O line is solid though, and with Cassell at the helm, they will continue to run the ball, and run the ball well. I think Dallas wins this one outright in an upset, and McFadden is a big reason why.

Wide Receivers

A. Brown – $7,800
The return of Big Ben. I don’t need to say more, but I will. Brown will never be this cheap again.

M. Evans – $6,800
Evans is having a great year, and Winston has shown that he can and does get him the ball. Atlanta and Bucs have been playing a lot of high scoring games this season, and this total is high as well. Look for Evans to be instrumental in the first half, and the benefit of a lot of garbage points in the 2nd.

J. Landry – $6,200
Landry gets a ton of targets, and that should not change in a high scoring game at Pats. Could very likely be the benefit of 5-10 2nd half receptions alone in attempts to play catchup.

Tight Ends

T. Eifert – $5,300
I hate gambling on a non Gronk/Gates TE, as they are so inconsistent. Eifert has been pretty solid though and has put up a few monsters. I think it’ll be a high scoring game at Pitt and Eifert should see plenty of targets.