Credit Card Roullette At The SW Steak House

072710-004-credit-cardsI love credit card roullette. If there’s one thing I hate more than people arguing over how much “their” end of the bill was, it’s people that don’t like credit card roullette. Credit card roulette is cool. I hope this is understood at this point.

The Rules

The rules of the game are simple, everyone throws their card in a hat, the waitress picks one out, and walla. Dinner is on the loser. Some people play the waitress picks all of the cards out and the last one out pays. I don’t like this way, but this is the way we played on this particular evening.

The Sweat

We were in Vegas, at the S.W. Steak House inside the Wynn. There were 6 or 7 of us, one being our buddy and recent WSOP champion Joe Cheong, another the newphew of Steve Wynn (of whom the steakhouse is named after) and then me and a few other degenerate poker players.

At the end of an amazing meal, we got the bill and it was around $1,500. My 1 buddy who had just won a few milly at the WSOP joked that we should credit card roulette for the bill, to which everyone fake laughed & secretly hoped he would foot the bill. But I knew him better than this, he is a degen gambler and really wanted a sweat.

So I took him up on it, and said i’d play him for our share, to which he happily accepted. But then of course: “well if you two are gonna do it, I guess I have to too” yada yada etc etc, and next thing you know the whole table falls 1 by 1 like dominos, and we’re playing for a $1,500 bill. Now I’m sweating.

The last 2 cards in the hat were fittingly Joe’s and mine, and I knew I was fucking toast. When my card was last out, I felt sick. A lot of people play that if you lose and have to pay the bill, then you don’t have to pay the tip. Not us. The beauty of the game rests in the pain felt by the loser, and if you can provide an ultimate-max pain to a participant, you fucking do it.

It didn’t help that our buddy Mike who was nephew to the guy the steakhouse is named after couldn’t hook it up with a 10% discount or something. Like wtf dude?

The Aftermath

So that was the sickest CC roullette I’ve ever played in, and I lost, and it hurt. To Joe’s credit he bought me massive amounts of Ruth Chris in the future after long online sessions in Vegas.

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David Weeks

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