Jaguars vs. Chiefs

More Week 5 NFL Picks

Bears @ Chiefs

Chiefs -9

The Chiefs are a good football team, and a great football team at home in Arrowhead, one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. The Bears are dismal this year. With the exception of Forte, they just can’t do anything. I see the Chiefs defense wreaking havoc all game on the Bears O line and beating them soundly, 30-13.


Rams @ Packers

Packers -9

The Rams have no doubt looked good this season, but the GB Packers are among the top 2 teams in the league. They also have Aaron Rodgers who refuses to throw picks and/or make mistakes. The Rams team has thrived on these kinds of mistakes from their opponents this year, and they simply will not get them this week. GB 31-17.


Patriots @ Cowboys

Patriots -9

Home field advantage is huge in the NFL. Unfortunately for Dallas this week, that rule does not apply to Brady and the Pats. They should continue to pound their opponents into oblivion as they have all season this week against the Cowboy’s lineup of backups.


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