MVP Picks – 2015 NFL Futures

Andrew-Luck_crop_northLast year we had 2 picks for NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers & Andrew Luck. Rodgers won the MVP at 7.5-1 odds, and Luck was a solid horse that was in contention throughout the season who we got at 20-1. These were both bet before the season began.

After looking at this years odds, we have come up with our picks for NFL MVP in the 2015 season.

As per usual we have a few horses, all whom we consider to have a great chance to win along with having incredible value as well.

Something to keep in mind before reading further or making a bet, is that the NFL MVP race tends to be very QB heavy with past winners, and a wide receiver has NEVER won it in the history of the league.



Andrew Luck Odds: 8-1

Andrew-Luck_crop_northAndrew Luck is the 2nd odds-on favorite to win the MVP behind Aaron Rodgers, and we believe that this is his year. He could’ve won it last year when his odds started at a lowly 20-1, and now he has added Andre Johnson to lineup opposite TY Hilton, and added Frank Gore to the backfield.

Not only has Luck gotten better every year, but the Colts look like they are better than they’ve been since the Peyton Manning days. Luck likely will break records in his career and get at least one MVP, hopefully this is the year he breaks out as the leagues top QB.


Ben Roethlisberger Odds: 14-1

ben-roethlisberger-says-the-steelers-are-the-worst-team-in-the-leagueBig Ben threw for over 4,900 yards last year and had the best year of his career. This year he happens to also be 2nd odds on favorite for total passing yards. This leads me to believe that barring injuries, he will be heavily involved in the MVP race until the end.

Roethlisberger has not yet won the MVP award in his career, and it is just about the only thing that he is missing. He is great value at 14-1, especially with possibly the most talented offensive players in the league around him at RB (Bell) and WR (Brown).


Tony Romo Odds: 20-1

Tony-Romo-will-pile-up-yards-vs-Patriots-R1FHFDB-x-largeTony Romo is another QB that has had a stellar career with near MVP performances, but still has not won one. With arguably the most talented receiver in the league in Dez Bryant, he will without a doubt be in the discussion towards the end of the season. 20-1 on your money is great value, and likely will move to 12-1 or less by mid season.

The loss of superstar RB Demarco Murray may hurt Romo or help him, but if the Cowboys can win their division, look for Romo to be in the final few MVP candidates.


Eddie Lacey Odds: 25-1

131222-steelers-4-16x9At 25-1, Eddie Lacey is an absolute value steal for a top 3 RB in the league, on a fan-favorite team with a high powered offense and serious Super Bowl ambitions.

Lacey also has great hands and gets a lot of receptions, recieving yards, and TDs. With Bell on suspension and Peterson on bad terms with the league, this just may be Lacey’s year to get the glory.


Eli Manning Odds: 50-1

hi-res-180087621-quarterback-eli-manning-of-the-new-york-giants-reacts_crop_northEli Manning may be the best value pick for MVP at the beginning of this 2015 season. 50-1 is just insane odds on a man with the last name Manning to win an MVP. These odds are sure to go down to 20-1 or less by mid-season.

Eli has not won the MVP yet in his career, but he has perhaps the best receiving corps of his career with Beckham and Cruz. Like Romo, if the NYG can win their division, Eli will be in the MVP talks. At 50-1, it seems like a crime to not put something on it.


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