NBA DFS – Monday Lineups 11/2


Point Guards

S. Curry – $10,200
Averaging 39/6/7 and gets a few steals as well. Willing to pay for him as he’s red hot and getting points.

J. Jack – $6,000
He’s home vs the traveling Bucks and averaging 13/5/8 and is a great mid price value, as he’ll see big minutes (averaging 33) and could always have a huge game.

T. Parker – $4,800
Only averaging 9/3/3 in 25 minutes a game, but he’s playing a very weak back court at the NY Knicks. He should out perform these numbers by a good amount tonight, and have a big game.

Shooting Guards

E. Bledsoe – $7,500
23/3/4 and a few steals is great for a tough position (SG), and Brandon Knight should be limited by Paul so it should be Bledsoe’s night.

K. Martin – $5,000
Against the Blazers which have a weak guard defense, and he is a great shooter/scorer and gets to the line frequently.

M. Ginobili $4,200
Rolling the dice with the Spurs’ minute rotation, but in his 23 minutes a game he averages 11/5/5. He should benefit from a great matchup and if Pop throws him more minutes these numbers could easily double or more.

Small Forwards

K. Durant – $9,700
Houston doesn’t have anyone who can guard him, and he’s red hot. I’m paying for him tonight in what should be a great game.

G. Antetokounmpo – $6,400
Triple double threat for a great price. Does everything and should have some hilarious nights this year. I like his matchup tonight.

A. Iguodala – $4,400
Fills up stat sheets. High floor and big ceiling at 30 minutes a game.

Power Forwards

K. Love – $7,500
30/15 threat who is making his 3’s at the moment.

N. Noel – $6,400
This guy gets a ton of steals, blocks, and lots of rebounds. At 11ish points and 2 assists, he’s a great pick at this price.

T.Thompson – $4,500
Great offensive rebounder, which leads to points. Big potential for a cheap double-double here


M. Gasol – $8,000
Huge mis-match here allows Gasol to have a big fantasy night. Should be featured heavily in the overall offensive scheme.

K. Towns – $6,100
Playing a lot of minutes, and producing. 28/14 and 4 blocks last game.

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