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NHL Commissioner Speaks Out On Legalizing Sports Betting

NHL - Sports BettingNHL commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t worry over the significance an enhanced sports betting market the United States may have on pro athletes.

Discussing in an interview on Sportsnet’s Brady & Walker show, Bettman declared if sports wagering were to become much more prevalent in the US, this will not harm the integrity of players.

Several high-profile people from both the sports and gaming market sectors have requested the market to be expanded to allow both industries to reap the benefits of profitability that would be created from wagering activities.

NBA On Board As Well. Who’s Next?

In a recent article here on BetSome, it was made known that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is also for expanding sports betting in the U.S. So now that the NHL head man jumps on board, will we hear from the NFL and MLB commissioners?

Nevada is presently the only state in which people can legally gamble on sporting events.

Bettman, who has been much more conservative to date on this subject, has now weighed in on the debate by saying that if the U.S. government were to permit an expanded sports betting market, then this would certainly not badly impact players’ integrity.

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