I’m not picking players from the Thursday night game (Atlanta-Bucs) in this post. Aside from that, here are my core daily fantasy picks for week 9 of the NFL.


A. Rodgers – $7,800
You almost have to play this guy at this point. I had him last week and I’ll have him next. Without a running game Rodgers has the green light with a great matchup at home vs the Colts.

R. Tannehill – $5,600
Finally playing well and has a big matchup vs the Jets who can’t stop anyone through the air. A week where there aren’t that many QBs that can score 30 (aside from thursday game), Tannehill might be a good low-owned gamble. Miami off of a bye.

Running Back

L. Bell – $7,700
This is a spot where I will attempt to differentiate my lineup, by picking a stud with a bad matchup. Aside from his ridiculous talent, Bell’s receptions make him a 20 point floor with a huge upside. Should be lower owned than he deserves this week at Baltimore.

M. Forte – $6,500
I’ve had Forte the last two weeks and I am going to keep on riding him, as long as the Jets are. I can’t see why they wouldn’t at the moment. Has a decent matchup vs an inconsistent Miami defense, and that low 10th OPRK should have people shopping elsewhere.

D. Sproles – $3,900
Good cheap option as it looks like he has taken over the #1 roll in Philadelphia. Should hit the 12+ fantasy points he needs to pay for himself with ease, and has an enormous upside.

D. Henry – $5,000
Already has had some big time production, and DeMarco Murray may be hobbled or out this Sunday. If that is the case keep your eye on Henry.

Wide Receiver

D. Adams – $4,900
Packers already were thin to none at RB last week, and now Knile Davis is gone too. Cobb and Montgomery are both questionable and didn’t play last week. Jordy seems to not be 100% still, and Rodgers loves this guy. At $5,900 you can’t miss.

K. Stills – $3,900
Jets are the worst in the league at the deep ball, and Miami has thrown it down-field to Stills more and more as the weeks have gone by. I like Parker as a sneak play for the same reasons.

Tight End

K. Rudolph – $4,000
Still a great price and gets a ton of targets. If he can find the end zone he will be huge. Matchup of the week vs Detroit should have him very high owned.

J. Doyle – $3,600
Tough OPRK will have him pretty low owned in what could be a shootout vs Green Bay. Big upside here.


Chiefs – $3,500
Home vs Jags.

Dolphins – $3,100
Off of a bye and home vs Fitzpatrick and the Jets.




I had a profitable week last week, as my 4 biggest plays: Forte, Ajayi, Eagles D, and Goodwin had monsters. Unfortunately all 4 of my QBs got me 10-15 points so I wasn’t able to get more than a small profit. Here are some of my core players for week 8 NFL DFS.


A. Rodgers – $7,500
Super chalk, but at QB that’s okay. Might be a good idea to stack him with 2 WR’s, although it’s tough to pinpoint who will be his favorites this week. GB with no running game should mean big things for Rodgers the next few weeks.

D. Carr – $5,900
He should be chalk, but might not be as there are a lot of better matchups this week, and his 19th OPRK might have him less owned than he should be. He has had two down weeks in a row, but I like a buy here when his stock is low.

J. Winston – $5,700
If you’re looking for a cheap QB play this week, look no further. Should be a pretty popular play, but stacked with Evans and reverse stacked with Crabtree or Cooper is a no brainer.

Running Back

L. Miller – $6,300
I like him this week for similar reasons as I picked Forte last week. Everyone is down on him and he has a tough OPRK. However the Texans like the Jets are going to realize very soon that they have to give their star RB the load, as their QB is not playing great. That’s what happens this week, and Miller can do big things when he gets 30 touches. His questionable tag will have him faded as well, but will very likely play due to the status of his shoulder injury.

D. Booker – $3,700
This guy was a great price even with CJ Anderson playing, but with Anderson out look for huge games from this talented young back who now gets the start.

E. Elliott – $7,200
Should be a low owned stud this week, as the majority of players will be on better matchups. While it’s true the Eagles defense is the real deal, it’s also true that Dallas has the best offensive line in the league. And they rushed it just fine at Green Bay who is the #1 team vs the run.

M. Forte – $6,400
I hit big on him last week having him in almost all of my lineups, and he was less than 1% owned which is ridiculous for a running back. He will be pretty popular this week as his matchup vs the Browns is a great one, and the Jets should stick with what worked for at least a game, much like Miami did with Ajayi.

Wide Receiver

M. Thomas – $5,000
It’s super hard to pinpoint a Saints receiver as Brees spreads it out pretty well. But averaging 8 targets a game and has had a great past 4 weeks. Tough oprk should have him virtually un-owned, and Sherman should be focused on Cooks.

M. Evans – $8,100
Can’t miss with Evans, and he has the great matchup this week too.

T. Williams – $4,700
Rivers really likely this guy and he’s a big red one threat. With Hunter Henry likely out and a #1 OPRK vs Denver, he should be a very unpopular play. Rivers is one of the matchup-proof QBs in this league who can handle a pass rush. I think this matchup suits Williams way more than Benjamin. I predict Williams goes off and is very low owned.

J. Hunter – $3,100
I hit big on Goodwin last week for similar reasons. Goodwin is now on concussion protocol which means he likely missed this week and leaves Hunter as the only WR on the field for Buffalo. That should mean at least 10-12 points with an upside of 20.

Tight End

CJ Fiedorowicz – $2,800
Home vs Detroit who are pitiful vs TE and has had a ton of targets. Big upside for this super cheap play. Will likely be a pretty popular play this week.

G. Barnidge – $3,300
Very consistent 12 points a game and that’s without scoring a TD all season. I look for him to have a big game vs the poor pass defense of the Jets, and should be faded by most players.

A. Gates – $2,700
Hunter Henry is on concussion protocol, which to me means he’s very unlikely to play this week, as NFL have been being true to their word about taking concussions most seriously this year so far. He hasn’t looked great and has a tough OPRK so he will be low owned, and had a nice 2nd half of last week’s game once Henry was gone.


Patriots – $3,300
At the very banged up Buffalo Bills, they have a good chance at a lot of sacks and take-aways.

Arizona – $2,700
Looks great this year and has playmakers. Playing vs a Carolina team that can’t seem to get it together.

Carolina – $2,900
Off of a bye vs a Zona team that can be a defense’s dream or nightmare.




Here are some of my core players for week 7 NFL DFS.


K. Cousins – $5,900
Has everything you want for a QB – Cheap price, 32 OPRK, high total of 49, no running back, and a game that should be a shootout. May be a somewhat popular play but he will be one of my stacks without a doubt.

B. Bortles – $6,200
Home vs the Raiders I like Bortles to put up big numbers and finally re invigorate his two big name receivers.

P. Rivers – $6,500
At the Falcons, this game should be high scoring and Rivers will have to do like he usually does and throw 40 passes to try and keep up, and likely succeed.

M. Stafford – $6,400
Just can’t go wrong with him right now, as he’s throwing 3-4 TDs a game and has another shoot-out type matchup. It helps that his defense is so bad that it usually forces him to stay aggressive all the way to the end of the game.

Running Back

J. Ajayi – $4,500
Will he have a game like last week where he amassed 200 yards and 2 TD’s? No. However he’s a great gamble at this price to get half that or more, as Miami will look to stick with what finally worked, and that’s establish the run and give Ajayi the load.

D. Murray – $7,200
His price dropped to $500 less than last week after his first game with under 20 points all season. Murray has had a stellar season and the Titans will continue to ride him. Grade A matchup home vs the Colts who are a very poor run defense.

M. Forte – $5,000
He’s been forgotten about in DFS, and I want to buy him low and while he’s being faded. Home vs the Ravens and the Vegas line points to a Jets victory, and they certainly can’t seem to do it through Fitzpatrick’s arm or maybe worse, Geno’s.

T. Riddick – $5,200
Back from injury and averaging 6.5 receptions a game on top of 10 rushing attempts, Riddick is a big-time playmaker. This game is a high total and riddick is the type of player who usually pays for himself and has pretty big upside.

Wide Receiver

D. Jackson – $5,700
I love Jackson to make a big return this week with his great matchup vs Detroit.

A. Robinson – $7,300
Has been quiet for a while but should finally have a 20 pt + game this week vs the poor pass defense of Oakland.

M. Jones – $7,000
Did I mention I like the Detroit – Redskins game? I like all of their WR’s but I’m going to buy Jones while people are down on him.

J. Maclin – $6,700
Has certainly been a bust so far but has the matchup of the year this week home vs the Saints.

K. Wright – $3,700
There are a few cheap WR’s that have good value right now in the league, but this week I like Kendall Wright the most as he’s coming off of a huge 30 point fantasy game and home vs the Colts.

Tight End

J. Reed – $6,000
If he goes, he’ll be the best TE this week.

J. Thomas – $3,900
Somewhat of a sneak play, as he hasn’t done much so far this season. He does get about 5-6 targets a game and has a great matchup vs Oakland though who has been one of the worst defenses vs the tight end the last 2 years.

T. Kelce – $5,300
Home vs the Saints so I love KC players. Especially Kelce who although is pretty consistent did have his worst game last week. Hopefully that will make the public shy away from him in a spot where they should be buying.

H. Henry – $3,600
Four quality fantasy games in a row and he’s still at $3,600? With his price, production, and matchup vs the Falcons I will be playing him.


Eagles – $3,100
Defense and special teams has playmakers who score TD’s, and they held Pitt to 3 points in Phili just a couple weeks ago.

49ers – $2,500
Home vs Bucs who have potential to lay an egg and make critical errors. I like the 49ers to win the game with a dlis defensive effort, even with TB off of a bye.


NBA DFS – Monday Lineups 11/2


Point Guards

S. Curry – $10,200
Averaging 39/6/7 and gets a few steals as well. Willing to pay for him as he’s red hot and getting points.

J. Jack – $6,000
He’s home vs the traveling Bucks and averaging 13/5/8 and is a great mid price value, as he’ll see big minutes (averaging 33) and could always have a huge game.

T. Parker – $4,800
Only averaging 9/3/3 in 25 minutes a game, but he’s playing a very weak back court at the NY Knicks. He should out perform these numbers by a good amount tonight, and have a big game.

Shooting Guards

E. Bledsoe – $7,500
23/3/4 and a few steals is great for a tough position (SG), and Brandon Knight should be limited by Paul so it should be Bledsoe’s night.

K. Martin – $5,000
Against the Blazers which have a weak guard defense, and he is a great shooter/scorer and gets to the line frequently.

M. Ginobili $4,200
Rolling the dice with the Spurs’ minute rotation, but in his 23 minutes a game he averages 11/5/5. He should benefit from a great matchup and if Pop throws him more minutes these numbers could easily double or more.

Small Forwards

K. Durant – $9,700
Houston doesn’t have anyone who can guard him, and he’s red hot. I’m paying for him tonight in what should be a great game.

G. Antetokounmpo – $6,400
Triple double threat for a great price. Does everything and should have some hilarious nights this year. I like his matchup tonight.

A. Iguodala – $4,400
Fills up stat sheets. High floor and big ceiling at 30 minutes a game.

Power Forwards

K. Love – $7,500
30/15 threat who is making his 3’s at the moment.

N. Noel – $6,400
This guy gets a ton of steals, blocks, and lots of rebounds. At 11ish points and 2 assists, he’s a great pick at this price.

T.Thompson – $4,500
Great offensive rebounder, which leads to points. Big potential for a cheap double-double here


M. Gasol – $8,000
Huge mis-match here allows Gasol to have a big fantasy night. Should be featured heavily in the overall offensive scheme.

K. Towns – $6,100
Playing a lot of minutes, and producing. 28/14 and 4 blocks last game.


StarsDraft – Amaya Enters the DFS Business

PokerStars-VictivPokerStars parent company Amaya Inc. has confirmed plans to enter the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) market under the StarsDraft brand following the acquisition of Texas-based company Victiv.

Victiv’s existing technology and platform will be re-branded as StarsDraft, with its current management team to continue operation of the product which currently offers games on weekly fantasy football, daily fantasy basketball, daily fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, and fantasy hockey players.

Victiv first launched its DFS offering in September 2014, with Amaya noting that it has proved popular particularly among new players. It offers features such as Bankroll Builder, in which players are able to learn how to play, entering contests for free with the chance of winning cash prizes.

The rebranded StarsDraft offering will initially be launched as a site and in select US markets, before being made available via the PokerStars platform. Amaya noted that Victiv had “received considerable attention among daily fantasy players for its user-friendly and innovative software for fantasy sports enthusiasts.”

Details of the acquisition cost have yet to be confirmed. “StarsDraft will combine Victiv’s innovative platform and experienced DFS team with Amaya’s expansive consumer base and operational excellence as the world’s preeminent online gaming brand,” Victiv chief executive Matthew Primeaux said.

We intend to capitalize on what we believe is strong crossover between online poker players and daily fantasy sports. PokerStars is the most-trusted brand in online gaming and brings unmatched security, customer support and technical infrastructure that we believe all players can rely on.

baseball and dollars, concept sport betting

Regulation of Daily Fantasy Sports in the Future?

baseball and dollars, concept sport bettingIt almost seems like daily fantasy sports betting became a billion dollar overnight. FanDuel and DraftKings two of the fantasy sports betting industry leaders said in a joint statement to Reuters that they “are speaking with gaming industry representatives to educate them on the fantasy sports industry as our products are fundamentally separate from, and not competitive with casinos and gaming businesses.”

The line between skill and luck is being somewhat blurred by the trend’s rapid growth. AG Burnett, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board said, “When chance begins to govern the outcome more than skill, you have a form of gaming, and that’s when the need for regulation kicks in.” So with that said, Nevada could push for DFS to be shut down in that state until some kind of regulation is put in place.

The demographic of the fantasy sports industry is the most desired of the gambling industry patrons. The majority of daily fantasy sports players are men, and over 90 percent of them are white. Fifty-one percent are between the ages of 25 and 35. I predict as time goes on, the average age will probably become younger which is similar to what happened when the poker boom arrived. Players are getting younger and younger as the game offers bigger payouts.

American Gaming Association On The Case

Dealing with the legality, the American Gaming Association has created a task force to study the issue without any definitive conclusions yet. Some gaming companies are calling daily fantasy sports unlawful.

John McManus, MGM International’s general counsel, commented, “It is not in the interests of consumers that established gaming companies, which are fully licensed and regulated, are the only market participants that cannot engage in the business,” McManus continued, “MGM Resorts International would like to see daily fantasy sports made legal and properly regulated, similar to our position on all forms of gambling.”

Lobbyists for the fantasy sports industry dispute that characterization, however, saying that their games are clearly more about skill than luck.The Fantasy Sports Trade Association President Paul Charchian went on to say “The money motivation was never a key element of fantasy sports. Now a lot of the marketing in daily fantasy sports is really excessively focused on monetary gain.”