Top 5 Things to Know When Playing NBA DFS

BzCgXPgCAAEH6nYWant to get into NBA Daily Fantasy Sports? Here are the top 5 things you need to know before jumping in. This also inlcludes my systems and routines that make it easy, fun, and profitable to play daily fantasy.

Pick Players Who Play The Most Minutes

In the NBA, every possession contains fantasy points. This is because DFS scoring includes points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks. So just being on the floor more than other players is a huge advantage.

Implement: Pick players who have the most minutes on the floor. Do this by seeing how many average minutes they have played in the past 5 games. This is a safe indicator of how much burn he should get that night.

Check The Vegas Spreads

The odds-makers are by far the best indicator on how many expected points are to be had in every game. A simple rule of thumb is to pick players from the teams with the highest point total that night.

You’ll also want to pick games with closer spreads, and stay away from blowouts. Blowouts can hurt players on your team, as they may get taken out in the 4th quarter and play less minutes. Closer games ensure that first-stringers will play the entire game. Closer games also carry greater potential for overtime, which act as bonus points for your players.

If you do pick players from teams playing in potential blowouts, pick players from the favored team, as they are more likely to still have solid games before being taken out.

Implement: Check the Vegas lines. Select players from games with high totals and close spreads.

Injury Reports

This is huge in every DFS sport, but even bigger in the NBA. Due to a tremendous amount of late game scratches, you must be diligent in checking the injury report to ensure no players give you a goose egg which is an automatic loss.

This also can bring to your attention some last minute value, as players who are scratched add more value to the other stars or subs on their team. Often times, NBA lineups don’t get officially released until an hour before tip off.

Implement: Check twitter and sites like up to 45 minutes before your game begins. Sub out any scratches, and check for last minute value plays based on late scratches.

High Floors & High Ceilings

You’ll want to pick players with a good high floor/high ceiling mix. High floor means they will always get you a guaranteed amount of points, and high ceiling means they can blow up for a huge game.

When you are playing big tournaments with lots of players, you will lose a lot. The few times you win will make up for it though, as all of the big money is in the top few spots. Because of this, you can’t afford a goose egg or a massive under-performance, but you need a few of your guys to blow up to win big tournaments.

Implement: This is a tough balance to find, but I like to go with slightly higher mix of high ceiling. High floors can usually be found within high minutes.


Study up, and use resources. Often. So have a resource list that you are able to utilize. Mine are pretty simple and include Twitter, Rotoworld forums, and podcasts/articles from sites I have grown to respect.

Implement: Create a routine. I like to do my research the night before games or in the morning for about an hour. Throughout the day I’ll read a few articles and listen to podcasts from my favorite sites. After this I’ll set my lineups, and come back an hour before and do last minute adjustments based on the official lineup releases.

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