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We’re now more than half way through the Major League Baseball season, and we have large bodies of work to evaluate and wager our money on now, so let’s get busy.

American League

Chris Sale +180
Cole Hamels +250
Aaron Sanchez +700
Danny Salazar +1200
Chris Tillman +1200
Justin Verlander +1400
J.A. Happ +1400
Rick Porcello +1600
Steven Wright +2000
Corey Kluber +2000
Michael Fulmer +2800

The American league has been a disaster. Many of the front runners fell off, and teams have flopped. Sprinkle some injuries in to complete the picture of chaos. Other than saying Chris Sale is the truth, I pretty much missed on the American league CY earlier this year. For me however, it will always be about value, and when you are betting for value you are going to miss sometimes.

That being said, let’s take a look at the betting with a little under halfway to go. At this stage of the game it is no longer about finding that golden nugget with astronomical odds. The body of work is too large for any one pitcher to have a complete turnaround from a 100-1 guy to CY. While I am still looking for value, we can’t just dismiss reality and someone’s actual chance at winning the award.

Cole Hamels +250

I’m not really saying that you should bet Hamels at +250. I am more acknowledging the fact that if you got it in at +2000 you are a betting god. I never would have placed Hamels at the top of this list. I think that is due in large part to the blindness I have for the AL West.

With Oakland every 4 years putting together contenders out of nowhere, the Angels always have star stacked squads and under performing, and Houston’s resurgence I have no clue how to read that division. So if you got it in at the beginning of the year… you killed it.

J.A. Happ +1400

J.A. Happ pitches for a team tied for the top spot in the toughest division in baseball. He has lead the team all year, and pitched at a clip worthy of the award. I think that if we see the Blue Jays take the American League East, and Happ finish with a sub 3 era and in the 19-21 win range he wins this award. At 14 to 1 thats not a bad investment.

Zach Britton ???

His odds will be unbelieveable. Remember how I said there were no more golden nuggets? I lied.

For starters, the 28-year-old lefty hasn’t blown a single save opportunity this season, going 34-for-34. If you count the All-Star Game, it’s 35-for-35. His ERA is lower than the limbo bar at a Lilliputian bar mitzvah (0.58). His WHIP is more like a blip (0.75).” (Matz).

He is a reliever so he has a huge battle to fight. If you see him get close to 45 saves however…ding ding WINNER. Eric Gagne 2.0. I have no idea if you can get this bet in anywhere because Bovada does not have him on there list.

National League

Stephen Strasburg -150
Madison Bumgarner +550
Clayton Kershaw +750
Jake Arrieta +1000
Johnny Cueto +1000
Max Scherzer +1000
Jose Fernandez +1600
Noah Syndergaard +2000

Strasburg at negative odds means great value elsewhere in this pool. I realize that Strasburg is a huge favorite but betting negative odds will never play in my book. You never know when a string of bad starts will happen.

Madison Bumgarner +550

If Strasburg doesn’t win this award Madison most likely will. So at 5.5 to 1 I will risk a few bucks on Mad Bum. The Giants are in a great position to win that division, and if they do…it will be on Mad Bum’s back.

Noah Syndegaard + 2000

He’s got the strikeouts, he’s got the era, he just doesn’t have the wins. If Noah turns in on in the second half and the Mets make the playoffs, couples with a Strasburg collapse…this may actually happen. At this late in the game, with odds like this, you have to take a chance.

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