Kam Chancellor

Updated Super Bowl Value Picks – 2015 NFL Season

Kam Chancellor

As the halfway point approaches, there are a couple good value bets to consider for Super Bowl.


Seattle 15-1

They are 3-4 but hot. Lynch has returned at 100%, Sherman and the defense are shutting people down and Wilson commands the team with confidence. They have an unreal home field advantage and their is still plenty of time for them to come back and win the division outright.

Pittsburgh 15-1

I love Pitt because of how they have responded without Big Ben. They play with the belief they can win any game and I think that stems from their Coach Mike Tomlin. It is extremely important for pro athletes to respect the Coach, which results in giving their best performance.

Armed with three quarterbacks that can be called upon for a win, the top wide receiver, and the top running back in the game, Pitt @ 15-1 is looking great.

Denver 15-1

Top defense, Peyton Manning, and a stranglehold on their division makes this bet hard to pass up. They should be home in the playoffs and despite his obvious lack of arm strength Peyton is smart enough to beat teams with a sound game plan alone. That being said their running game is tough to watch and I may be ignoring the eye test and betting with my heart here.

Cowboys 50-1

The Cowboys (2-3) are 1/2 game out for best record in their division and currently hold the tie-breaker with a 2-0 division record. Dez Bryant is back and I think they have to go at least 2-2 over the next 4 games until Romo returns (@Giants, Seattle, Philly, @Tampa).

When Dez/Romo are healthy this team can win in Seattle and push Green Bay to the brink. The playoffs are certainly within reach and the league’s top offensive line should keep Matt Cassel upright until Romo returns. Brandon Weeden could not find his receivers and Cassel comes with the experience of running Bill Belichek’s team, he will be ready.

Chargers 150-1

Rivers is having an MVP year and the Chargers (2-4) can keep pace with any team. Melvin Gordon has been disappointing so far and they will need a legitimate running threat if they hope to win on the road in the playoffs.

It appears like the Chargers are competing with the Jets and Steelers for the wild card. They lost to Pitt, GB, Cinci, and Minn. Three of these teams will be playoff bound and the schedule is much more favorable for Rivers in the second half of the season.

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